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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Three Fact Guide On How To Download Homebrew PSP Software

The PSP is one of the best portable gaming consoles out there. Not only can it play PSP games, music and movies; it also can be made to play games of other consoles too!

So how is this even possible? Well, to take advantage of this unique aspect of the PSP, you need to get you hands on a piece of special 'homebrew' software. Often these homebrew software downloads are referred to as 'PSP emulators'.

As soon as you download homebrew psp software, you can really widen the scope of games you can play. However, please take care to note that although downloading and installing an emulator isn't (technically) illegal, downloading certain 'free' console games so that you can use them on your PSP emulator may be.

So here are three quick facts on how to download homebrew PSP software:

Fact One

All a PSP Homebrew (emulator) does is it makes your PSP games console work as though it were a different games console. For example, if you own Nintendo gameboy game, and you downloaded a Nintendo emulator onto your PSP, your PSP would now be able to play your Nintendo Gameboy games with ease!

Fact Two

Finding PSP emulators is very easy. A basic web search into the term 'PSP emulator' will provide you with a great many websites and forums that offer PSP emulator downloads. However, your best option is to start by searching for emulators on large official PSP downloading websites. They offer you the opportunity to download emulators for your PSP (as well as downloading a wide range of legal games, music and TV shows).

Fact Three

Make sure PSP emulators can run on your PSP's current firmware. Currently, only PSP's that have firmware versions 1.0 and 1.5 allow emulators to run on them. You can quickly check your PSP's firmware version simply by scrolling left on the PSP's main screen and selecting the options in the following order: SETTINGS > SYSTEMS SETTINGS > SYSTEM INFORMATION > SYSTEM SOFTWARE. The SYSTEM SOFTWARE option should show you your PSP's firmware version number.

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Allen Stevens is a part-time games tester and PSP game enthusiast.

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