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Friday, September 22, 2006

Three Steps On How To Find And Download PSP Wallpaper

The PSP is a superb games console, that can allow you to download and play games, music, movies, and even images to display on your PSP screen. Still, sometimes trying to find new wallpaper images for your PSP can be very confusing.

However, you can take away much of the confusion if you follow these three simple steps to finding and downloading PSP wallpapers that you'll love. That way, all you'll have left to decide, is which wallpaper you want to download first!


Check your firmware!

Make sure you have the right PSP firmware version. You are going to need version 2.0 or above for the wallpaper function to work on your PSP.

To check your PSP firmware version select the options on your PSP screen in the following order:


The SYSTEM SOFTWARE option should show you your PSP's firmware version number.


Find some PSP wallpaper!

There are a number of websites offering free wallpaper designs for your PSP. For security reasons (mostly to guard against possible PC viruses) it is better if you download your PSP wallpapers from large legal download websites, rather than small independent websites.

Also, visit active PSP forums and get advice as to where other people have received their PSP wallpaper. Chat with them to see which websites they have found to be the most trustworthy.


Get it onto your PSP!

To get your wallpaper image from PC onto PSP, connect your PSP games console to your computer using a USB cable. In 'My Computer' your PSP is the G: drive.

Now download and save your wallpaper image onto your PC. Simply drag and copy your saved wallpaper image onto your PSP games console.

Once you have the wall paper on your PSP, go to you PSP main menu, select the image and choose to "Set As Wallpaper".

Now you are all done!

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