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Monday, September 18, 2006

Why Finding A Demo Game, For PSP To Download, Can Be A Chore!

The frenzy surrounding the PSP games console has now reached dizzying heights. Everyone, whether young or not so young, have all received a great sense of enjoyment out of the device.

And as a result the Portable Sony Playstation (PSP), now has such a wide range of games made available for its format, that it should come as no surprise that there are many PSP game demos out there.

Basically, a game demo, is a small sample of the full games release. Usually game demos have only the first and/or second stages of the full game available for you to play; others give only limited playing options (you then have to purchase the full release to get all of the playing options).

Still, searching for a PSP demo game can be laborious, since there are so many options out there! So if you like the PSP, and you like console games, where can you start to look for some free PSP demo games?

Well, here is a three step guide to helping you find the PSP games that you want:

STEP ONE - Find Large Official Download Websites.

Despite there being a great many websites out there, all hosting game demos for download, there are only a couple of official ones that I would recommend.

First off, one good website that has a lot of PSP demos available is; they are a large site, and do not allow any illegal copies to be made available through their website.

The second, is a popular freeware website called that has an ever expanding catalogue of free for download computer game demos.

STEP TWO - Use The Search Engines.

You other option is to simply do a basic internet serach for demos. However, you should be cautious and wary of anything you download from a website. If they aren't a major or an official website company, you may simply be downloading a virus that can cause your PC problems.

STEP THREE - Buy a Magazine

Your final option is to look at gaming or computing magazine. Usually, large computer gaming companies issue their game samples to these magazines, in an attempt to reach their readership. So have a browse through the magazines rack, next time you visit your local store, and see whats on offer.

So as you can see, demo games are easily available, and can be a great way for you to try before you buy; allowing you to see if a game is fun enough for you to spend your cash on!

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